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Age of Care

The Age of Care is an epistemological exploration that challenges traditional hierarchies of understanding and envisions a future where we acknowledge and learn from the complex, interconnected web of knowledge inherent in our world. This project combines artistic, technological, and research elements to propose a new way of thinking, where human knowledge is enhanced through dialogue with non-human intelligences and indigenous wisdom.

Through six interconnected narratives, this project explores the following themes:

  1. Rhizomatic Age: Embracing a Web3 structure, where hierarchies give way to interconnected ecosystems, decentralized narratives, and multiple truths. This age of care will prioritize relationships, empathy, and collective learning from the unknown.

  2. Multidimensionality: Investigating the concept of Umwelt and the limits of human perception, this theme explores the possibility of a meta-dimension where different entities can meet and share experiences.

  3. Inner Life: Challenging the dualism of mind and matter, this narrative seeks to understand the interconnectedness of the soul, body, and the material world, as well as the role of data and computation in life.

  4. Role of Technology: Delving into the potential of hybrid-biological computer chips and the development of fluid intelligence, this theme aims to understand how technology can facilitate new forms of learning and coexistence with emerging intelligences.

  5. Intelligence: Examining the scalability of intelligence, from microorganisms to collective consciousness, this narrative encourages a broader understanding of our place in the world, within society, and as part of the universe.

  6. SCOBY's Voice: Exploring the creation of a language based on non-human senses to expand our perception of reality and foster communication with other forms of life.

    Each audio narrative can be experienced through Augmented Reality (AR), which brings to life the 3D-rendered inner world of each sculpture. Here, AR serves as the meta-dimension, a shared space where all forms of intelligence can converge.

    Go to the RABBIT HOLE and explore the research behind.

Music - David Machovský
Photography - Iris Rijskamp

Graduation project - Design Academy Eindhoven
Special thanks to K Allado McDowell for guidance
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