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textile concept

Based on my findings, I would like to suggest a simplification of the fabric manufacturing process. It is not necessary to process the natural fibers into threads and weave the threads into the actual fabric.

Pouring the bioplastic on the fibers create a sturdy material.

Since the bioplastic can be made water-resistant, it is possible to use the resulting fabric for various products such as raincoats and tents.

I am also reflecting on our preconceptions regarding ownership of durable, long-lasting products: We no longer need products that last a lifetime, ones that can even be passed down to future generations. Instead, this temporal framework is more concerned with sustainable development.

My idea is based on the notion of Blue Economy – having served its purpose, the organic product can be buried in the soil and provide nutrition for the growth of new organisms.

Normally, it takes about 7 years for the bioplastic to degrade, but its properties can be modified so as to speed up the degradability.

Photography - Manuel Pellegrini

Graphic design - Svatopluk Ručka

2020 - Nominated as a RoPlastic finalist in Innovative Textile category.

Exhibited in National Museum of Science and Technology, Milan

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