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In an era where the boundaries of reality are constantly shifting and expanding, my work serves as an exploration into the very core of how we understand and interact with the world. Drawing from my background as a product designer with strong technical skills, my practice operates on a broad spectrum—from concrete, material-driven product design to abstract, conceptual artistic research.
Projects like “Rawie,” an innovative textile concept, embody my multidisciplinary approach. In “Rawie,” I delve into the sustainability of products, incorporating principles of Blue Economy while questioning our societal perceptions and relations to everyday objects. This reflects my overarching interest in the ecosystems we inhabit, recognizing our environment as an extension of ourselves.
My practice is deeply rooted in epistemology—the study of knowledge that asks what we know and how we come to know it. While the scientific approach offers a way of dissecting the objective world, I believe it often overlooks the realm of subjective human experience. By tapping into intuition and emotion, I aim to broaden what we accept as ‘knowledge,’ fostering a more holistic understanding of our existence. My work also raises questions about intelligence as a spectrum, exploring its manifestations across natural and artificial systems.
I’m fascinated by the ethical and practical potential of technology, which I see as a human-made extension of ourselves. Through my art, I probe questions about the mutual influences between humans and technology. How can technological advances augment or even extend our sensory limits, allowing us to engage with scales of existence beyond human reach?
Whether the outcome is a physical product, a sculpture, an experience, or even a digital creation, the essence of my work remains consistent: a quest to push the boundaries of our epistemology, to interrogate the porous lines between the human and the non-human, between art and science. My practice is a continuous experiment aimed at understanding how our holistic perception of life shapes our decisions and actions.
In sum, my work is a dynamic interplay between the tangible and intangible, driven by an insatiable curiosity to understand the interconnectivity of all things.
2018 - 2022   Design Academy Eindhoven, Food non Food
2014 - 2015   École Superiéure d'art et design Saint-Étienne - Erasmus
2013 - 2016   Mendel University, Brno - Product design
2013 - 2014   Masaryk University, Brno - Fine Arts
2021  Currently studio manager for K Allado McDowell, Los Angeles
2018  Coordinator of events for Kazerne Young, Eindhoven
2017  Design assistant for Lucie Koldová, Prague

2016  Internship at Jan Plechac and Henry Wielgus studio, Prague
2015  Internship at interior design studio RONJAT et POGGIOLI, Paris

2023  Post-Tribal, Design Museum Den Bosch
2021  Symbiocene Forest, BioArt Laboratories, Eindhoven
2021  National Glass Museum, Trophy of a Synthetic Age, Leerdam
2020  Finalist RoPlastic, Innovative Textile, National Museum of Science and Technology, Milan
2020  Dutch Design Week, Nouriosity, Eindhoven
2017  Exhibition Giornata del verto Boemo, Trienale Design Museum, Milan

2017  Expo Decorex, London
2016  Exhibition Upside-Down, Flexup Gallery, Prague


2022  Mushroom Radio - Feminist Frequencies
2016  Material Times
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