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Glass Vase

Epigenetics is a burgeoning field that investigates the development, functioning, and evolution of biological systems, influenced by forces beyond the DNA sequence, such as intracellular, environmental, and energetic factors.


This vase embodies the dialogue between humanity and the world we inhabit.

Our interactions with our environment shape our existence, thoughts, and spirit.

We live on a damaged planet facing an environmental crisis, characterized by massive biodiversity loss. Toxicity is our nature. 


Finding ourselves at a crossroads between the Holocene epoch and the Synthetic Age. Our relationship with nature is changing as we are getting stronger by engineering nature. It seems that our engineering prowess may be the only thing capable of saving us.


Natural evolution is too slow for the rapidly changing world we've created. We can hasten evolution to preserve numerous species, or perhaps even create something entirely new.

Are we positioning ourselves into a role of god? 

The god is dead.

Photography - Samuel Alexander Petráš

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